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LeMieux Gladiator Mesh Fly BootsLeMieux Gladiator Mesh Fly Boots
LeMieux Gladiator Mesh Fly Boots
Fight the flys with the protection of the Gladiator Mesh Fly Boots, perfect for field or stable. The lightweight, highly breathable 3D Carbon Mesh outer keeps legs cool, allowing air flow through the boot. The super soft quilted bamboo inner lining is anti-bacterial and provides complete comfort. Helps to prevent ticks and bot eggs. Can be used on front or hinds legs. Sold in pairs
Shires Arma Fly Turnout Socks
Shires Arma Fly Turnout Socks
Specially designed from airflow fabrics to keep bothersome flies and biting insects off the legs. Stiffened vertical seam for a secure fit. Lightweight fabrics, ergonomic shaping and fleece bound edges ensure superior comfort whilst touch close straps keep them securely fastened. Set of 4. Shires Zeb-Tek; INSPIRED BY NATURE. INFORMED BY SCIENCE. MONOCHROMATIC TECHNOLOGY. Scientific research shows...