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Equ Streamz Horse Bands (pair)Equ Streamz Horse Bands (pair)
Equ Streamz Horse Bands (pair)
Introducing a new technique in how magnetism is deployed – ‘360º resonance technology’ – Magnetic therapy for your horse, with a difference! StreamZ does not pulse, it spins! The unique process prevents an increase in temperature allowing the bands to be worn by the horse immediately after exercise and for long periods of time, including through turnout. The StreamZ are...
LeMieux Conductive Magnotherapy BootsLeMieux Conductive Magnotherapy Boots
LeMieux Conductive Magnotherapy Boots
The LeMieux Conductive Boots herald a new approach to magnetic therapy. Unique inner liners contain a woven layer of steel fibres directly under 18 powerful 2600 gauss magnets. The steel filaments conduct magnetic waves evenly around the lining bringing the whole leg within the magnetic field Acknowledged benefits of using magnets include: Helps blood supply to tendons & joints pre-exercise. Aids...

Lemieux Procool Cold Water BootsLemieux Procool Cold Water Boots
Lemieux Procool Cold Water Boots
Simple & easy way to cool legs after XC, work or injury. Unique water reactive crystals within boots swell & retain cold when soaked in water. Contoured shape supports the fetlock & tendon preventing slipping. Always consult vet if symptoms persist. Can be re-used multiple times. Sold in Pairs.
LeMieux Tendon Chill BootsLeMieux Tendon Chill Boots
LeMieux Tendon Chill Boots
LeMieux Tendon Chill Boots Made for quick ease-of-use as a priority, these close fitting ice boots target the tendons with maximum chill in the shortest period of time. The unique Hypo-Freeze Gel remains soft and contours around the lower limb ensuring optimum surface contact with tendons and fetlock joints. A swept-up rear section covers the high suspensory area often neglected in other boots. ...

Premier Equine Sports Medicine Boots
Premier Equine Sports Medicine Boots
Made from our specialist Air-Tech ventilated neoprene the boots are highly breathable, minimising the chance of your horse's legs overheating. Velcro wrap-around straps make the boots easier to use & remove and contribute to the contouring action of the boot. A shockproof layer protects the leg against brushing or impact from strikes. A quick and easy alternative to bandaging. Used by professionals...
Woof Polar Ice BootsWoof Polar Ice Boots
Woof Polar Ice Boots
Woof Wear’s Polar Ice Boots are a practical solution to cool legs after intensive exercise or to aid recovery from a variety of leg injuries. The removable gel packs can be applied straight from the freezer and moulded around the tendons as they remain flexible when frozen.

Woof Wear Ice Therapy Boots Inc Therapy Packs
Woof Wear Ice Therapy Boots Inc Therapy Packs
The Ice Therapy Boot is a versatile boot that enables both hot and cold therapy to aid recovery after periods of stress and as a complementary treatment for leg injuries. Made from 7mm closed cell neoprene featuring touch & close fastenings for improved fit, the elasticated mesh pockets safely contain hot & cold therapy packs as well as ice.These boots are a useful addition to the kit bag at...