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Acavallo Arena Alupro StirrupAcavallo Arena Alupro Stirrup
Acavallo Arena Alupro Stirrup
Patented side opening stirrup with a unique HiFLex stress activated locking & release mechanism with big opening in case of emergency. This stirrup is comprehensively tested and safety certified by TUVRheinland in Germany and has a reliable 'one click' reengagement of the stirrup locking and release mechanism once triggered. The inner stirrup arm and footplate constructed of continuous integrated...
Battles Stirrup Treads Black
Battles Stirrup Treads Black
Black rubber stirrup treads which fit the Prussia sided open bottom stirrups, with added grip to prevent the rider's foot slipping out of the stirrup.

Eldonian Hunting Irons
Eldonian Hunting Irons
Jeffries hunting irons, Sold in Pairs. Treads not included
Elico Adults Spur Pack - 2 Spurs
Elico Adults Spur Pack - 2 Spurs
Spurs with a kinder, rounded shank. Pack includes a pair of web spur straps. Shank measures 15mm from back of boot.

Elico Childs Spur Pack - 2 Spurs
Elico Childs Spur Pack - 2 Spurs
Spurs with a kinder, rounded shank. Pack includes a pair of web spur straps.
Elico Nylon Spur Straps
Elico Nylon Spur Straps
Black nylon or leather with metal fittingsSold as a pair

Elico Peacock Rings/Tabs in Blister Pack
Elico Peacock Rings/Tabs in Blister Pack
Rubbers and leather tabs for peacock safety irons. Packaged in a point-of-sales pack with euro-slot.
Elico Safety Stirrups
Elico Safety Stirrups
Ideal for children. In the event of a fall, the foot will be released when the rubber detaches form the stirrup iron. Complete with peacock rubbers and tabs.

Elico Steel Stirrups Irons Std
Elico Steel Stirrups Irons Std
Traditional irons made from 18/8 stainless steel.
Flexi Stirrup Irons
Flexi Stirrup Irons
Flexible sided stirrup irons

Horsena Swap Stirrup Extra Covers
Stirrups not included.
£17.99 £16.00
Horsena Swap Stirrups with Double Side CoversHorsena Swap Stirrups with Double Side Covers
Horsena Swap Stirrups with Double Side Covers
Made with high quality materials, the Horsena Swap Stirrups are designed to ensure comfort and safety. The lateral arm with an opening of 90° is meant to release the foot in the event of a fall. The slightly oriented hook allows a natural leg position. The anatomic treat pad with an inclination of 5° helps to keep the heels down and its ergonomic shape encourages the correct position of the...
£129.99 £120.00

Jeffries Bent Leg Irons Simplex
Jhl Coloured Prince Of  Wales Spurs
Jhl Coloured Prince Of Wales Spurs
A pair of spurs for everyday riding or competition use.

LeMieux Vector Balance StirrupsLeMieux Vector Balance Stirrups
LeMieux Vector Balance Stirrups
The LeMieux Vector stirrups are a new generation of stirrup - technically advanced and lightweight, but retaining a classic style expected from LeMieux Machined from aviation grade aluminium offers an impressive strength to weight ration, making them lighter than most stirrups on the market at just 419g each, whilst not compromising on stability. The ergonomic footplate of the Balance Stirrup is...
Mark Todd Stainless Steel Roller Ball Spurs.
Mark Todd Stainless Steel Roller Ball Spurs.
Mark Todd Stainless Steel Roller Ball Spurs

Peacock Rings
Peacock Rings
Spare rings for the side of your safety irons
Peacock Safety Stirrup IronsPeacock Safety Stirrup Irons
Peacock Safety Stirrup Irons
peacock safety irons, Sold in Pairs. Treads not included

Shires Premium Profile Adult StirrupShires Premium Profile Adult Stirrup
Shires Premium Profile Adult Stirrup
Elegant, lightweight and strong, the sleek Premium Profile Stirrup can be customised to coordinate with the rider's colours. Reinforced grip, high resistance to stress, interchangeable coloured tread. These premium stirrup irons are designed by Compositi, a Belgian company who specialise in lightweight technical equestrian products. Adult (4.75')
Stirrup Mount
Stirrup Mount
This is the easy way to remount when you're out hacking. It's simple to use, just position it in your stirrup, mount up and then remove the mount and carry it in your pocket

Tech Stirrup Venice / EvoTech Stirrup Venice / Evo
Tech Stirrup Venice / Evo
Venice” riding stirrups are provided with a revolutionary safety mechanism which, in case of need, allows a section of the ring to open, thus easing the release of the foot; thereafter, thanks to a specific spring, the section gets back in its original position.One end of the moving part is fixed to the tread, while the other end is secured to the ring thanks to the spring pressure and a special...
Tech Stirrups Milan SpursTech Stirrups Milan Spurs
Tech Stirrups Milan Spurs
Each spur set comes with three interchangeable ends changed using an allen key. This allows the rider a greater variety without having to swap spurs each time, just the ends.

Tech Stirrups Venice Evo YoungTech Stirrups Venice Evo Young
Tech Stirrups Venice Evo Young
Aluminium security stirrups for children, with the widest opening available on the market.
Tech Stirrups Venice Light AdultTech Stirrups Venice Light Adult
Tech Stirrups Venice Light Adult
Venice light is the lightest safety stirrup entirely made from aluminium billet available on the market. It weighs only 460gr, enclosing stability, durability and design in one single product: STABILITY is obtained thanks to a 3° sloped tread equipped with a toothed grip (105 teeth). DURABILITY our stirrups undergo a special mechanical process aimed at enhancing their durability. DESIGN the...

Tuff Stirrups
Tuff Stirrups
Tough polymer stirrups in stylish black. Super-light and move with your...