Nettex VIP In the Balance (not next day)

Nettex VIP In the Balance

In The Balance provides concentrated nutritional support in one easy to feed supplement. Its V.I.P. formula is designed to meet your horse’s advanced nutritional needs for health, vitality and performance. In The Balance is Vet Approved and contains a concentrated package of vitamins, minerals and trace elements to improve the diet of both leisure and sport horses. Nutritional support of the gut is fundamental for horses’ health. In The Balance supplies probiotics and prebiotics to help optimise gut function and healthy digestion. Benefits of In The Balance: •ADVANCED AND CONCENTRATED NUTRITIONAL SUPPORT – For your horse. •VITAMINS – Comprehensive package to support optimal health. •MINERALS – To help balance any shortfalls in the diet. •TRACE ELEMENTS – Key levels to support optimal health. •PREBIOTICS AND PROBIOTICS – To support healthy digestion. •VET APPROVED. •SUGAR FREE – Highly palatable formula. Most horses do not receive a full ration of hard feed which means they can miss out on vital nutrients. In addition, vitamins and minerals are often low in preserved forage, such as hay or haylage, and where grazing is less than optimum. Even minor shortfalls can lead to poor performance or a lackluster appearance. Feed In The Balance daily to ensure your horse receives essential nutrients required for a balanced diet to help him enjoy perfect health. Made in the UK.


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