Noble Balance Tights Juniper

Noble Balance Tights Juniper Noble Outfitters

The Balance Riding Tight combines high-recovery stretch fabric with optimum performance and fit — welcome to the new best-in-class riding legging. With a super slim, flattering design, the tight can be slipped on easily. What’s more, the material around the ankles is fitted, meaning riding boots also glide on with no hassle, and are less likely to creep up when riding. Produced with Supplex nylon, which is up to 36% softer than standard nylon, makes them smooth and comfortable no matter what the terrain. The Opti-Dry technology means moisture is drawn away from the skin, keeping you dry and comfortable for much longer than regular tights. This is ideal for rainy days, or during hotter periods when you’re more likely to sweat. It also means you can be even more daring with riding environments - no fields are out of bounds. The Juniper shade is versatile and unique. Pair with neutral tones, including whites, blacks or darker greens to complete the look. •76% Supplex nylon for super soft comfort no matter the riding environment •Created with 24% spandex jersey, meaning you can move about easily •Keep moisture at bay with unique Opti-Dry Technology •Easy grip thanks to knee patches made with Toray Ultrasuede •Keep phones and other personal items tucked away with fully-zipped pockets •Fitted ankles for no bulk inside the riding boot •Mid-rise and easy pull-on design •Suitable for wear with all Euro design riding seats - no bumpy or uncomfortable rides

Price: £59.95

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